Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Police observe Rolls Royce Owner

For more than eight hours a Rolls- Royce in the German plates stood parked on Oxford Street. When you have included the photos, the car was parked a few meters away and for nearly two hours parked in front of a sign signifying the beginning of the parking lot on the corner.

Rolls Royce owner was only parking his car like everybody else
The Police on guard on duty explained that because the car has not already been within the intersection, the officers found no grounds for intervention. However, when the patrol proceeded to perform photographic documentation, the driver decided that he should change the location of parking. And if I were him I have to say I could hardly blame him for taking such action to this indirect form of harassment.

We not tell me directly I am doing something wrong?
Calling for the police to ask whether the police had accurate information about a celebrity , who has the right to park at the intersection of victims of Cold War, if his car is just there for a few hours. The Police replied that the celebrity does not know about this , and whether the car is expensive or cheap, it does not give them the right to assume he is good or bad but if he is doing the right thing.

Rolls Royce is to big of a car to hide
A gentlemen demand to remove photos Rolls from the network, because " it has is no right to be there he insisted From his point of view he was just another human being except one with a lot of money and in addition to that he was sure he had done nothing wrong

If I were a criminal I would use a mini not a Rolls Royce
We talk for a second time with the UK Police. On-Call promises to send a patrol. During our conversation next to the Rolls standing on the corner pushes the police car. The Rolls Royce was not the only car parked in this place, as you can see in the pictures. From the professional point of view that provides security for the UK they believe the owner was acting suspicious.

Sanity at last for the relieved Rolls Royce owner
After a while already legally parked rolls, a dozen meters away it came to a point where the Police who were observing the owner were probably doing so completely out of jealousy and it turned out he was doing nothing wrong at all and there was no need to monitor his movements.

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